Bed Rest!!!!

It's been 6 days 1 hr and 7 min since my surgery and since bed rest started, not that I'm counting or anything!!

The first few days were ok, since I was on some good drugs, but I have since come off the "happy pills" and the boredom has set in.
I've come up with a top 5 things to do while on bed rest:

1. Catch up on emails and facebook. I still can not get into the games on facebook, but catching up on the feeds has been fun!

2.Watch trash tv, it's been a while since I've been able to watch trash tv. Wow! there are some really screwed up people out there. I now know why I don't watch day time tv.

3. Catch up on all the movies I've missed. I've watch The Proposal, great funny movie (laughing so much did not do good for my stitches) but it was a good movie. My life in Ruins was a good romantic, funny movie. Does anyone have any other suggestions??? I still have a week of rest to go!!!
4. Plan my daughters 9th "Spa"tacular Birthday party. Megan's party is next Saturday so I've been planning and making lists for the party. I don't think Tracy is going to be too happy when I give him the list of all the things he needs to buy for the Spa party.

5. Why not plan a scrapbooking weekend in January!!!
Baby It's Cold Outside Weekend Crop Escape

If you want to join us email to save a seat. There are only 30 seats for this crop, so sign up early!!!

All the proceeds from this crop will go to help the Performing Company from Axis Dance compete in Banff in May 2010.


Crop 4 Kids is Sold Out!!

Yesterday was one of those up and down days!!

I should have known it was going to be one of those days when my kids were up at 4:30 am yesterday!

In the afternoon I had a very unpleasant conversation with someone that wreaked my day and had me thinking why am I am doing Crop 4 Kids again. I then had to pick myself up and remind myself that I do Crop 4 Kids is for the Hospital, I do it for all those kids who have "one of those days" everyday, to bring a smile to the kids faces who don't get a chance to leave the hospital and see a play. That's why I do it!

My good friend Allison wrote on my facebook wall:

"In as much as you are able, keep the peace with everyone". Just keep doing what you know is right and lay your head on your pillow each night at peace with that... you can only control yourself.

It's such a great verse, It really made me think and evaluate the situation, and I know I can lay my head on my pillow at night and know I am doing the right thing, thanks Allison!

So when one door was slammed in my face, another door opened! and another opportunity for Crop 4 Kids opened up!

So just when things seem to be looking down, the up happened!

I am so happy that Crop 4 Kids is sold out for 2010!!!! It's going to be so much fun!


Scrap 4 it November Crop!!!

See you there!!!!!
We have only 9 seats left for the November Crop.
To sign up email to save a spot!!!
In the spirit of Christmas Giving,
All the proceeds from the crop will go to buying toys for kids in need!!!


Welcome to the Family Earl!

A new puppy joined our family yesterday! Ok not my house, but my dad just picked up a new puppy yesterday! He is the cutest little guy, almost makes me want to get a dog, ALMOST! For know we'll just be it's suraget family, he can come visit, but has to go home when he's bad!
The kids and I went to the airport to meet him when he arrived from Toronto.
All excited waiting with treats in hand

Where is he!

Still waiting!!!
So we find out we're in the wrong spot, he's in Cargo holding area waiting
There he is waiting, in his crate
There he is, everyone is excited!!!
Dad's new buddy has arrived!!


Crop 4 Kids is 50% Sold out!!!

I am sooooooo excited Crop 4 kids is 50% sold out and Public registration opens tomorrow Morning!!!
Everyone that joined us last year, was given early registration, and we are now 50% sold out!!!!! Yeah!!!!
It's so heart warming, all the people that want to help the Children's Hospital.

Go to to register, before it's too late!


Christmas Wreaths anyone???

Megan is loving Company dance this year! She dances 4 days a week and loves every minute of it. My van on the other hand could drive it self to and from the studio.
This year the Company girls at Axis Dance Centre will be preforming in Banff at the Banff Performing Arts Centre. in order for them to go to Banff we are doing fundraising!!!!!
Just in time for Christmas they are selling Nova Scotia 20" Balsam Fir Wreaths and 15" Centerpiece.
The Wreaths are $38.00 and are adorned with weatherproof red velvet gold back bow, seven natural pine cones, nine crabapples and five holly berry clusters.
The Centerpieces are $45.00 it is encircled with four 10" red candles gracious red velvet puff bow six natural pine cones, nine crabapples, six holly berry clusters.
They can also be delivered anywhere in Canada and the US for just $8.00 extra. with a personal gift card message.

If you are interested and want to help Megan fundraise for her Banff trip please e-mail me at and we can make arraignments. Order deadline is November 7th

I also have pictures of what they look like if you are interested

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


What a crazy weekend!!!

Saturday was the Kick off to Crop 4 Kids crop!!!!!
And what a blast we had. 25 ladies scrapbooked from 10-10 on Saturday, we enjoyed fun games, make and takes, laughs and great food!!!!!! and I think some scrapbooking got done????
I had such a great time I forgot to take pictures.....
The registration for Crop 4 Kids 2010 started today and registrations are pouring in. I'm glad everyone had such a great time last year that they are exited to do it again.

I know some people are asking why the registration is so early this year...

there are a few reasons:

  1. With the crop being in March if I opened registration a few months before it would be just after Christmas, and if your life is as crazy as mine just after Christmas is busy.

  2. With the down turn in the economy it may be hard for people to afford the crop seat just after Christmas.

  3. If people would like to make payments for the crop seat let me know. I would hate for someone miss out on the crop because they can't afford the $99.00 all in one payment. Please email me at to make the arrangements

  4. The forth reason is kind of a selfish one... In my family my kids health can turn in the blink of an eye. Last year Ben was in the hospital, having an IV inserted 3 days before the crop. So I like to do things well in advance so I can prepare for any health"hick-ups"Right now everything is some what calm, Ben just had surgery on his left ear, and is doing great!

So I know it's early but Registration is open and your not going to want to miss it this year!!!!!!

Did you hear??????

Crop 4 Kids 2010
The "Creative Goddess"
From Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine
Lecia Forrest

I am sooooooo excited and can not believe Lecia is coming....

Go to to register!!!!


Count Down to Crop 4 Kids 12 hour Crop!!!

I can't believe registration for Crop 4 Kids is just around the corner!!!

Advance Crop Seat Registration for 2009 Crop Attendees will begin on October 19th 9:00am
on the web site

Open Registration will start on October 30th

What better way to To kick off Crop 4 Kids registration then a 12 hr crop!!!!
There are only 5 seats left!!!
If you would like to reserve one of the last 5 spots email me at


Wow it's been a while!!!!

Sorry to all my bloggers. I can't believe it's been so long since my last blog entry.
It was a busy September with the kids going back to school & the start of Scrapbooking "season".
Megan started Grade 4 this year.
Kaitlin is in Pre-k this year and my
baby started pre-school this year.

The GREAT CANADIAN SCRAPBOOK CARNIVAL was so much fun!!! Those ladies from Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine know how to put on a party!!!

I was honored to help out with the layout contest at the shows in Calgary and Edmonton.

At the Calgary Show We raised $400.00 for the Alberta Children's Hospital. and the Edmonton show raised $656.00 for the Stollery Hospital. YEAHHHH! to all the winners and thanks to everyone that donated to both the hospitals.

Sooo much Fun!!!!!

I have a big announcement coming up for Crop 4 Kids this week!!!!
We have an AMAZING TEAM of instructors this year, I'm so excited to have one very talented lady joining us this year.. she's so much fun and I can't wait to tell you who it is..... Can you guesses???? I'd love to hear who you think it is...


The Breast Crop Ever!!

Need to get away with the girls for some Crop time?
Join me at the Breast Crop Ever in Red Deer September 19th!
Hosted by Tiffany Lichti.
For more information and to register go to
I'm going to be teaching a two page layout class at the crop, talking about what we are Thankful for.
Here's a sneak peek at the layout:
The picture does not do the page justice! ( If I do say so myself)

Celebrate what you are thankful for!
Instructor: Jennifer Rowsell
Project: 2 page layout
Class length: 2 hours
Cost:$30.00 ( $5.00 from each seat sold will go to the Breast Cancer Foundation)

What are you thankful for? Sometimes when were faced with a loved one or yourself having an illness or cancer. It's hard to remember what your thankful for. Using paper from Paper Loft and Core'dinations, This class will help you discover what you are thankful for in your life. You'll discover just how fun core'dinations paper is to use, and a funky new way to title the page! Class comes with complete instruction and color images. Class sponsored by Scrap 4 It's: CROP 4 KIDS.
Thanks to the Crop 4 Kids sponsors every class participant will receive a free goody bag filled with great scrapbooking treats valued at over $20.00! ( You must attend the class to get the goody bag)
Hopefully some of you will make the trip up to Red Deer for a Great Crop for a Great cause!


Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival 2009

The crop seats at the Carnival sold out in 30 min! If you were one of the lucky ones See you there! But if you didn't get a seat, the classes still have room! check out the fabulous classes at While your there taking a class and checking out the great booths, drop off your layouts for the layout contest! I'm so thrilled to be helping the Canadian Scrapbooker team with the layout contest, I am even more thrilled that 100% of the entry fee ( $2.00 per entry/ day) will be donated to the Alberta Children's hospital Foundation!

Come to the show and enter your layouts for your chance to win BIG!!!! Prizes are sponsored by Stampin’ Up!, Green Tree Shows and Canadian Scrapbooker Inc.!

PRIZES: Daily prizes of $250 CASH and a BIG SHOT, Dr. Bag and die at each show!
o A daily draw will be made from all the layout entries for a chance to win the $250 CASH prize! Sponsored by Green Tree Shows.

o A daily opportunity to have your layout published in Canadian Scrapbooker and win this BIG SHOT, Doctor’s Bag and Die from Stampin’ Up! ($250+ value)

Layout Contest Details:

  • Layout contest is open to all show attendees, and is not limited only to those individuals registered for the crop. So, come on down and bring your layouts to the Canadian Scrapbooker booth to enter!
  • $2 entry fee per layout per day. 100% of the contest proceeds in Edmonton will be donated in support of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. 100% of the contest proceeds in Calgary will be donated in support of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.
    o There is no limit to the number of layouts that may be entered.
    o Layouts can be entered for 1 or both show days, but may only win once.
    o One daily $250 cash prize will be drawn from the entry forms that are completed when each layout is entered at the event. (1 entry form per layout entered)o Jackie Ludlage – Editor in Chief & Co-founder of Canadian Scrapbooker magazine will be judging the layouts for one daily prize of being published in Canadian Scrapbooker magazine along with the BIG SHOT with Dr. Bag and die from Stampin’ Up! All layouts must be original and unpublished.

I just finished this layout of Kaitlin's first Dance recital, Since I can't enter the Layout contest at the carnival I thought you might me able to use it as inspiration!
See you at the show!


Only in Calgary!!!

This is what I woke up to this morning!!!
Just kidding, but it felt about this cold this morning! Where did summer go? It's hard to imagine that just Saturday the kids we're enjoying the water slide at the farm in the sun and now it's barely 15!
I'm taking comfort that the weather man says the warm weather will return next week.
we were out at the farm in Sundre over the long weekend, the kids had a blast, as always.

We were woken up by the storm early Monday morning, WOW what a light show and hail the size of golf balls. I always thought people were exaggerating when they said that, how could they ever get that big? but it's true! Here are some pictures we took Monday morning after the storm when we went out to see what damage had been done. My mother-in-law was lucky, she didn't have too much damage on the farm. a few tree's down including this one that fell on the power lines. Tracy was able to get it off, with out electrocuting himself!
This is the back deck with all the hail on it!
Count down to kids going back to school: 22 days ( not that I'm counting or anything!)


Summer time fun!!!

We've been having so much fun this summer. Summer finally arrived in Calgary.. and we've been enjoying the sun!! Lot's of Waterpark and lake visits. the kids started swimming lessons last week. Megan passed level 3. Kaitlin passed preschool level 1 and Ben,,, well Ben got in the water...... Since he's had so many problems with his ears he has missed out in swim lessons every summer, so this was his first time in lessons. We're still having problems with his ears, but I put ear plugs in and he seems to do well with that.

On a scrapbooking note.....
I'm so excited to see the new product that will come out at CHA this week. I can't wait to hear all the details, from everyone that is there.....
I was on Canadian Scrapbookers web site today and noticed that all the details are up for The Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival. check out the details at I'm going to be there to help them out with a few things. I hope to see some of you there, it's going to be a blast!!!!
How amazing is this... They are having a layout contest each day, with amazing PRIZES: Daily prizes of $250 CASH and a BIG SHOT, Dr. Bag and die!
A daily draw will be made from all the layout entries for a chance to win the $250 CASH prize! A daily opportunity to have your layout published in Canadian Scrapbooker. Check out the web site for all the details. you don't have to be at the crop to enter ANYONE can enter!!!! They have $2.00 entry fee, and 100% of the proceeds from the Calgary event will go to the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation!!!!! So Let's see those layout ladies, I know we have some talented ladies out there!!!
Speaking of the Hospital Foundation. I have extended the deadline for the teachers call for Crop 4 Kids until September ( summer is just too busy.. I don't know what I was thinking!!!). check out the new crop 4 kids web site for the details....

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!!!!


It makes me smile everytime

I have these 12 x 12 canvas's of the kids hanging at the font door. Today the kids were fighting all the way home. and I had, had enough!!! When I walked in my front door and looked up at the pictures I had to smile. They are cute when they are not fighting.... It made me think that I can't sweat the small stuff... the 15 min they were fighting in the van was wreaking my day, but it was only 15 min out of 24hrs in the day. I need to remember to cherish the fun and cute stuff they do not just dwell on that 15 min....


Black River Designs

Have you heard of this Canadian Company?
Scrapbook Pantry here in Calgary are selling there paper and it's amazing!!!!
I love how Christine has designed all the paper lines, they coordinate so perfect together. I'm a huge fan of the double sided papers, they make creating so much easier!
If you have a chance check out their web site or stop by Scrapbook Pantry and pick up some paper.
here's a few layouts I've created with the Black River Designs paper


Crop 4 Kids Teachers!!

I'm so excited to announce that we have opened the call for teachers to help us with "Mega Make & Takes" at Crop 4 Kids this year.We are looking for 7-8 enthusiastic, creative and talented Scrapbookers to participate as members of our teaching team.

Do you love to create and teach your passion?

Do you want to be a part of the amazing Crop 4 Kids team?

Do you want to help raise money for the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation?

For more information go to:
I can't wait to see all the talented scrapbookers we have out there


New MNC layouts!

I've been battling low iron for over a year now and can't seem to find the energy to do much! But I love to scrapbook, and being a Jr designer on the Monday Night Class Team has encouraged me to get some layouts done, even if all I want to do is lay on bed and sleep!

I had so much fun on Canada day with my family it inspired me to create this layout EH!

Megan and Kaitlin we're so cute at there dance recitals this year I can't wait to put the pictures into this layout! You can't really see in this picture but I used tulle at the bottom of the page on the left it's so cute!

I know i know no one wants to think of back to school yet but.. I was in the mall the other day and the Children's Place already had back packs, lunch kits and they said all the Fall line is starting to come in! Who are these people! Maybe the crummy weather is throwing them off and they think it's fall!

Don't forget the new kits are up on the Monday Night Class web site.
I'm excited my first kit "Wishes in the wind" is up this month check it out, it's perfect for the little girls in our lives!


I was in the Stampede Parade!!!

Well sort of...

That's me in the pink hat, with my back turned
( never have your husband take the pictures)
During the pre-parade one of the square dancers grabbed me and up I was dancing!!! It was soooooo much fun!! but as my family pointed out when I came back white girls can't dance! I didn't care I had fun!

We had a great time at the rest of the parade. we saw Mike Homes, Henry Burris (check out that ring!) and so many floats, bands, and of coarse cute cowboys!