Can't wait until March!!!

to save your spot
only 8 seats left!!


It's Official!!!!

As of Friday I have taken over Enchanted Events, Children's theme parties and event planning.
It's a huge step for our family. We are now small business owners!!!! I'm so excited to be staring this new adventure. It's something that I will be able to still stay at home with the kids, and be able to work!!! I'm just in the process of designing new theme parties for the kids, and buying all the props!!! sooooo much fun!!!! I'm also planning the summer camps this year.
Check out the web site at to see the new baby!
If you know anyone with small children pass our name along to them. We have a over 500 sq foot party and cake room to host the party! Bring the party and mess to us and we clean it all up after! what more could you ask for!


Bed Rest!!!!

It's been 6 days 1 hr and 7 min since my surgery and since bed rest started, not that I'm counting or anything!!

The first few days were ok, since I was on some good drugs, but I have since come off the "happy pills" and the boredom has set in.
I've come up with a top 5 things to do while on bed rest:

1. Catch up on emails and facebook. I still can not get into the games on facebook, but catching up on the feeds has been fun!

2.Watch trash tv, it's been a while since I've been able to watch trash tv. Wow! there are some really screwed up people out there. I now know why I don't watch day time tv.

3. Catch up on all the movies I've missed. I've watch The Proposal, great funny movie (laughing so much did not do good for my stitches) but it was a good movie. My life in Ruins was a good romantic, funny movie. Does anyone have any other suggestions??? I still have a week of rest to go!!!
4. Plan my daughters 9th "Spa"tacular Birthday party. Megan's party is next Saturday so I've been planning and making lists for the party. I don't think Tracy is going to be too happy when I give him the list of all the things he needs to buy for the Spa party.

5. Why not plan a scrapbooking weekend in January!!!
Baby It's Cold Outside Weekend Crop Escape

If you want to join us email to save a seat. There are only 30 seats for this crop, so sign up early!!!

All the proceeds from this crop will go to help the Performing Company from Axis Dance compete in Banff in May 2010.


Crop 4 Kids is Sold Out!!

Yesterday was one of those up and down days!!

I should have known it was going to be one of those days when my kids were up at 4:30 am yesterday!

In the afternoon I had a very unpleasant conversation with someone that wreaked my day and had me thinking why am I am doing Crop 4 Kids again. I then had to pick myself up and remind myself that I do Crop 4 Kids is for the Hospital, I do it for all those kids who have "one of those days" everyday, to bring a smile to the kids faces who don't get a chance to leave the hospital and see a play. That's why I do it!

My good friend Allison wrote on my facebook wall:

"In as much as you are able, keep the peace with everyone". Just keep doing what you know is right and lay your head on your pillow each night at peace with that... you can only control yourself.

It's such a great verse, It really made me think and evaluate the situation, and I know I can lay my head on my pillow at night and know I am doing the right thing, thanks Allison!

So when one door was slammed in my face, another door opened! and another opportunity for Crop 4 Kids opened up!

So just when things seem to be looking down, the up happened!

I am so happy that Crop 4 Kids is sold out for 2010!!!! It's going to be so much fun!


Scrap 4 it November Crop!!!

See you there!!!!!
We have only 9 seats left for the November Crop.
To sign up email to save a spot!!!
In the spirit of Christmas Giving,
All the proceeds from the crop will go to buying toys for kids in need!!!


Welcome to the Family Earl!

A new puppy joined our family yesterday! Ok not my house, but my dad just picked up a new puppy yesterday! He is the cutest little guy, almost makes me want to get a dog, ALMOST! For know we'll just be it's suraget family, he can come visit, but has to go home when he's bad!
The kids and I went to the airport to meet him when he arrived from Toronto.
All excited waiting with treats in hand

Where is he!

Still waiting!!!
So we find out we're in the wrong spot, he's in Cargo holding area waiting
There he is waiting, in his crate
There he is, everyone is excited!!!
Dad's new buddy has arrived!!


Crop 4 Kids is 50% Sold out!!!

I am sooooooo excited Crop 4 kids is 50% sold out and Public registration opens tomorrow Morning!!!
Everyone that joined us last year, was given early registration, and we are now 50% sold out!!!!! Yeah!!!!
It's so heart warming, all the people that want to help the Children's Hospital.

Go to to register, before it's too late!