School's Out For SUMMER!!!

Let summer vacation start!!!!
Megan had her last day of grade 3 today! Where has the time gone?
I know all parents say this but.. it seems like only yesterday that she started Kindergarten!

I have to say this was a great year!
Megan had a great teacher again this year! It makes school so much more fun when you have great teachers, and our school has some of the best teachers!

If you were at Monday Night Classes Scraptacular a few weekends ago ( and if you didn't go, you missed a great crop!), you saw the accordion album that I did as a "classete". I re-designed it and made it bigger and created one for Megan's teachers gift. i went into the class and had the kids write: The top 5 things I liked about grade 3 and then a little thank you note to their teacher. I then put their picture on one side of the cardstock and the note on the other side. I love how it turned out!

tomorrow night is Scrap4It's Summer Salsa Scrap! I better brush up on my summer drink mixing! Hope to see some of you their!

Also plans have already started for Crop 4 Kids!!! I have such big news to tell everyone!!! but you'll have to wait.. ok I'll give you hint.... She's tall and ozzzzes scrapbooking talent!!!!


Happy Fathers Day

What a great weekend we had. The girls had their dance recital on Saturday. Then we went to Heritage Park on Sunday for Fathers Day. WOW! has it ever changed since last year. The entrance has been completely re-done and you no longer have to walk and up the GIANT hill. I hated that hill!
It's our family tradition to go to Heritage park on Fathers Day. Rain or Shine! Yesterday was rain, (just a little bit of rain,) but the sun did come out at the end of the day!

Since Megan was a baby we take a picture of Tracy and the kids in front of the signs at Gasoline Ally. This year we had to change locations a bit. Gasoline Ally has changed, but we still found a place to take our annual picture!

I didn't have time to scrapbook anything for fathers day this year, (After doing 61 preschool books for Kaitlin's school) So I did a video for Tracy and my Dad for Fathers Day! My very talented friend Caroline posted one for her husband on Facebook, and I thought what a great idea! Thanks Caroline!
This is the Video I did for my dad, I also did one for Tracy.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there!

Thanks Tracy for being such a great Dad to our kids! You never know how much you really love someone until you see them with your kids!


The end of June....

AHHH summer is almost here(tomorrow in fact)... June is the month for everything winding up. Kaitlin had her year end show at school on Friday. It was so cute they sang a few songs for the Mom's and Dad's.

including the bubble bee Song!!! I'm licking up my baby bumble bee.....

All the teacher are great at the school. Kaitlin has had the same teacher for 2 years and we just love her! ( Allison is that a blue speedo in the back ground.. I just want to know if that guys thinks I'm taking his picture..) I love Photoshop... I'll photoshop him right out.. later.

Kaitlin and her Best friend!

The girls had their dance recital today
What a great show.. I'm so proud of them to get up and dance in front of all those people....
Kaitlin was sooooo cute in her costume...

Megan has blossomed so much as a dancer.. I'm sooo proud of her. She made company dance next year, so she'll be competing next year... I know she's going to be awesome!!

Megan danced in two shows this year, and was amazing in both.
(more pictures to come, my computer is having a few problems right now!)


What an inspiration!!!

Megan's School Spots day was last Friday.. Yes in the pouring rain, good thing our teachers were nice enough to have it held indoors!!

At the school the kids all year have been learning about the Circle of Courage: (taken for LBES web site)

“The circle is a symbol of life…individual parts within the circle connect with every other; and what happens to one, or what one part does, affects all within the circle.” (Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve)
Lake Bonavista School embraces the Circle of Courage philosophy. The Circle of Courage is based on the work of Larry Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg, and Steve Van Bockern. As a school community we support a safe and caring learning environment for our students by creating conditions that promote the following areas in each child:

The Spirit of Belonging:The universal longing for human bonds is cultivated by relationships of trust so that the child can say, “I am loved”.

The Spirit of Generosity:Character is cultivated by concern for others so that the child can say, “I have purpose for my life.”

The Spirit of Mastery:The inborn thirst for learning is cultivated; by learning to cope with the world, the child can say, “I can succeed.”

The Spirit of Independence:Free will is cultivated by responsibility so that the child can say, “I have the power to make decisions.”

I think this is an amazing philosophy for the kids to lean, Megan has embraced it and learned so many things this year with it.

So back to sports day, using the Circle or Courage the kids were split up into the 4 color groups and were encouraged to use what they had learned about the circle and encourage their fellow students during the day. At the beginning of the day they had an assembly to get everyone excited about the day.

I didn't think I would ever cry at a Sports day assembly but... they had a boy from the local High School come and speak to the kids, and what an inspiration he was.

He was born with Cerebral palsy and is in a wheel chair, but he talked about how he never let that stop him from doing what he wanted to do. He will graduate this year from grade 12 and will be attending McGill in the fall. WHAT an accomplishment, his parents should be so proud!

When I think I'm having a ruff day all I need to do is think of this boy and know what ever is put in my way, know matter how frustrated I get, I can and will accomplish it!